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  • Brad Linder

    Glad I could help!

  • JimStar

    I have to say, this is my first time, grazing through these reviews. First, I would like to say, great write ups. Second. I am a sort of new to the android world. I have the Moto Droid. I find it fascinating what you can do with these phones. Second, All the sites I have read about, no one has gone through and explained what the QR codes are for or maybe I just haven't seen them. So that said, Thank you for this write up. I have had unanswered questions about these. Thanks.

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  • AndrewMCollette

    What if I’m browsing on my phone, and the qr code isn’t clickable?

  • AndrewMCollette

    What if I'm browsing on my phone, and the qr code isn't clickable?

  • AndrewMCollette

    Well that’s pretty fucking stupid. Why did I get my nexus one if I am still supposed to use a seperate device to properly experience the internet?

    So there isn’t an application that can recognize a qr on a site unless i use the phones camera?

  • Brad Linder

    QR codes are almost *never* clickable. What you’re supposed to do is point your phone’s camera at them and use a barcode scanning app to recognize the code. It will open the link for you in your mobile web browser.

  • Brad Linder

    If you’re browsing the internet and you find the app you want to do download, you can just download it from the Android Market by searching by title.

    It’s also possible to create market links that you can click on a phone to automatically open the Android Market — but these links are useless on a desktop web browser, and since most people still visit this site using a desktop browser I’ve chosen to use QR codes primarily rather than links to apps in the Market.

  • Varism

    But if i’m browsing the internet with my phone, how can i directly scan QR code ? Take another phone with scanner? :) QR codes isn’t always links to apps download.

  • ohCrap

    Well a lot of times the app doesn’t show up in a market search, because the market search is rubbish (especially considering it is google). So with an unclickable QR picture, we are screwed if we only have our phone and “the cloud” to hand, which is the way things are supposed to be going.

  • jcy

    I don’t get what the problem is behind not being able to scan a QR code directly from a webpage ob my droid x’s browser to bypass the camera altogether

  • Nadia Crawford

    for some reason this doesn’t work for android phones not supporting android market app, my phone has the stupid SlideMe app.. i want away around this.

  • andy

    latest version quickmark works very well!

  • Acuworker22

    this is definitely the most “helpful” site i’ve come across
    i just got my phone friday and i am still quite baffled
    i’m not even sure why i need apps if i have the internet
    but whatever…thanks for the info

  • Jorge Cevallos

    For Android, there’s an app named “QR Droid”. After installing it, do this:
    – Long press QR image in Android Browser and download it
    – When downloaded, open image from notification bar
    – Select “Menu” > “Share” > “Decode with QR Droid”

  • Tyler Coffin

    Great article. 2011 will be a very successful year for QR Codes. Social QR Code recently launched and is a QR Code generator designed for local, small, medium and large businesses to connect their customers with their social networks via QR Codes. Gain Facebook “Likes”, Twitter “Followers” and share content on both social networks as well!

    Please give it a try!

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  • more or less

    well, again, if you have research more about the qr code, it’s mostly supposedly for the print ads or something that you will see and the advertiser might want you to go to their website, instead of typing the site manually, you can just take your phone camera and decode the qr code and wala it will connect you to their site (only if your internet connection on your phone is active).

    i can’t believe people will always complain without researching first what’s the use of the item… PEOPLE… lol

  • more or less

    yes, quickmark is a pretty fast decoder for the qr code but too bad, it only use a small portion of the screen and if the qr code is big, it takes or it won’t decode the qr code…

    i would recommend lynkee. it’s a bit fast. although there are some disadvantages (it’s true to almost all qr code readers)

  • sean

    What a great site mate!!! keep up the good work. Let me share with you my site with apps and games for the spanish speakers!!!
    Greetings from Spain.

  • USB 3G

    Oh thanks, i appriciate that!

  • Missediva

    Thanks for this info…I just left the BB world and got an Android phone so this was very helpful!

  • enterprise coupon

    this article really helps
    to me,thank u

  • Danaimmekus

    Ur info.was helpful..thxs

  • Miks van Kristen

    I’m a smartphone newbie and downloaded this app and love it! I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually but for now it’s a case of “if it moves, scan it” :D I love it, great app.

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