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  • Asdf23

    Temp Root works great for LG Optimus ONE – Build

    Bought in Hyderabad India

    Installed Adfree with this. Now no more Google Ads in ATK Free :D

  • Asdf23

    The Build for this is FRF91, kernel

  • Ckc90745

    it does work on evo 4g to temporary root

  • sandman

    Didn’t wor for my LG Optmus One. :(

  • Edwin

    Can’t seem to get it working on X10 permanent or temp.

  • Daeron2u

    Won´t work on Galaxy S

  • Kenn Sanchez

    I read that it will not work for the G2. Did they mean the HTC T-Mobile G2?

  • oneil

    Until u update to android 2.2


    z4root is no longer available on the Android Market. Does anyone know where to get it?

  • Rmhaynes

    Did not work on my Samsung Galaxy on Android 2.2. Is there a new version coming out soon that does work?

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