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  • Huh?

    I don’t get it. Previous versions of PdaNet have said something similar. Along the lines of the carrier only sees that the data comes from/to the phone and can’t tell it’s being tethered. What’s the difference now? Other than PdaNet’s change of wording, of course.

  • Eh

    Their Twitter page says “3.0 adds a feature to hide tether usage. Most users do not need to turn it on unless you have received a message from such as T-Mobile.” From what I’ve read, T-Mobile just looks at the browser’s user agent string to determine if it’s a mobile browser or not. Of course, that’s not a very good indicator since many Android browsers allow you to change this string to avoid all the crappy mobile versions of sites. Since PdaNet mentions T-Mobile, I’m guessing they’re just changing this string automatically.

  • Dilbert

    When you signed your contact, you agreed not to tether without paying the extra. This app is nothing but something to help people steal what they agreed not to in the first place.

  • Reality

    How do you steal data you paid to use? I pay for unlimited data and I expect to use that data how I choose. I even accept they throttle the usage so what’s the big deal?

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  • Wally

    Just because it’s in a contract doesn’t make it right or even legal. At least in the US, there are laws that could void contracts. Something like the no tethering clause of the contract could be an example.

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  • smarter than you

    I didnt see anything in my contract not to tether so unless you can back up what you say with the contract or a copy to post of you contract that states we agree no to us the internet or to tether, then you don’t know what you are talking about and seem to be a …….

  • Bobsaget

    I signed my first verizon contract years before tethering was even though of. They can’t just add stuff to it without telling you. Why don’t they just put in there that I have to buy a car for the CEO ever year. “it’s in the contract, you have to do it.” 

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