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  • Anonymous

    so i don’t get it. this isn’t downloading using xoom. just buncha bs pop ups.

  • Brad Linder

    Try the first “Direct Download” link. That’s the one that worked for me. 

  • Bobohernan

    Thank you now I can enjoy 24 right on my galaxy tab 10.1!!!!!!!!!

  • George Garrett

    Did not work on the Acer Iconia 500 running 3.1… shucks.

  • Myke

    Use Direct download. Works Great on my Xoom, Happy as hell right now.  Just need HBO go and I will be set for media on my Xoom

  • Walter Gould

    It downloaded and installed fine on the Thrive, but when I try to stream I get an error that starts:
    “Connection Failed. If you want to retry …”

  • Matthew

    Doesn’t work on my Xoom at the moment,  the app works, but i get a connection error.

  • Uzo Nwokolo

    Works perfectly on the Viewsonic G Tablet, installs fine and plays movies

  • Shannon

    Works for me….finally I am so glad to have Netflix :-) :-)


  • Rchris64

    Yeah it is just pop ups and a ware installers :( tried each download link, none give the 1.3 app

  • Gcb

    Boo yah!  Works like a charm on my Xoom.

  • Ivo

    Installed well on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 but it says “Please make sure that your device has network connectivity and the Date and Time settings are accurate”. I know I have connectivity, what the heck is up with the date and time?

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