PlayStation games coming soon to Asus tablets

Sony PlayStation Suite

Sony has announced the latest partners for its PlayStation Mobile program. Devices from Asus and Wikipad will soon be able to run Sony’s PlayStation suite software which lets you download and play classic PlayStation titles on a mobile device. Earlier this summer Sony announced that HTC devices including the HTC One X, One S, and One V smartphones would also be able to run PlayStation… Read more »

Square Enix releases Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy III for Android

Final Fantasy III

The Final Fantasy series of video games pretty much defined the fantasy role-playing video game genre starting with the first Final Fantasy game for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987. Over the years the series has produced some of the best stories, game play, and graphics for Nintendo and Sony video game consoles, and there are several titles available for iOS as well. Now the… Read more »

Sony PlayStion software coming to HTC One smartphones

HTC One PlayStation Mobile

Sony is expanding its PlayStation software for mobile devices to run on phones from other manufacturers. Up until now the Sony PlayStation Suite was only available for a handful of Android phones and tablets from Sony. But now the company has announced it will partner with HTC, allowing users to download and play selected PlayStation games on HTC One X, One S, and One V… Read more »

11 new classic PlayStation games available for Sony Android devices

Sony has added 11 new games to the PlayStation Store for Android phones and tablets featuring the Sony PlayStation Suite. Normally 11 new games in an app store wouldn’t be all that exciting, but given how few games have been available for Sony’s PlayStation certified Android devices, this is kind of big news. The new games include: A Bug’s Life Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire… Read more »

Humble Bundle: Pay what you want for 5 Android games

Humble Bundle 2

The folks behind the Humble Bundle offer a pack of games that you can buy for just about any price you like. The second bundle just went live, and it includes 4 games that are new to Android. If you pay more than the average price you’ll also get a 5th game. Aside from the pay-what-you-like pricing, there are a few other features that make… Read more »

Gameloft Live: social app store for Gameloft Android games

Gameloft Live

Mobile game developer Gameloft has launched a new app store for its Android titles. It’s called Gameloft Live, and if that sounds a lot like Xbox Live, there’s good reason. Like Xbox Live, the new Gameloft app isn’t just a store for buying and downloading games. It’s also a social hub that lets you send messages or chat with your friends, invite them to play… Read more »

All Gameloft games in the Android Market are 99 cents through 1/5/2012


Game developer Gameloft is running a massive sale for the next week. Starting this morning at 10:00AM Pacific, all of the company’s games availabel from the Android Market will be available for 99 cents. The sale runs through 10:00AM PST on January 5th, 2012. Some of Gameloft’s titles are always just under a buck, but some of the company’s higher-end games such as Order & Chaos Online… Read more »

Classic games Grand Theft Auto III, Sonic CD come to iOS, Android

Sonic CD and GTA III

Every day dozens of new games are released for mobile phones and tablets — but every now and again you don’t want a new game. What you want is to relive a truly great classic game that you first played on a Playstation or computer. Recently two of those classic games found their way to iOS and Android. The first is Sonic CD, a Sonic the… Read more »