TomTom Navigation app for Android arrives, doesn’t yet support HD displays

TomTom for Android

GPS provider TomTom now offers a navigation app for Android smartphones. It offers detailed, turn-by-turn driving directions and pretty much lets you use your phone as a full-fledged GPS device. At $38 for the US version, it’s kind of expensive for a mobile app. But that’s a lot less money than you’d pay for a dedicated GPS device. And since TomTom app for Android loads all of… Read more »

Google Maps for Android to add support for map downloads

Google Maps offline

Google will soon roll out an updated version of Google Maps for Android that will let users download maps to their phone or tablet for offline viewing. This isn’t a completely new feature. Google has offered the ability to “cache” maps for selected areas to your device for almost a year. But it’s been a “labs” feature, which is Google’s way of saying “we’re still… Read more »

Google Maps for Android gets bubble buttons (again), tablet transit navigation

Google Maps

Google has rolled out an updated version of Google Maps for Android with three key new features. The first is support for voice and ringtone notifications in Transit Navigation. This allows you to receive an audible alert when it’s time to transfer or when you’ve reached your destination. The company also says it’s adding support for Transit Navigation to tablets, allowing you to get bus,… Read more »

Travelocity brings travel planning app to Android

Online travel service Travelocity recently launched a mobile app for Android which lets you book flights and hotels, view flight information, or access your saved itineraries from a phone or tablet. The app has an attractive and relatively easy to use interface, but it’s a bit quirky in places. For instance, in the Book Flights section, the app shows a drop-down box with auto-complete suggestions as you… Read more »

Google Maps adds transit directions for London

Google Maps transit

Google just made it a little bit easier to get around in London without a car. The company has added public transportation directions for London to all of its Google Maps products. That means if you’re using Google Maps for Android, iOS, or BlackBerry or Google Maps in a web browser you can get step by step directions for getting from one place to another… Read more »

Verizon Navigator VX now reroutes to avoid traffic

Verizon has added a number of new features to its VZ Navigator application and changed the name to “Verizon Navigator VX.” Customers can try out the new app for free for 30 days. The update includes the addition of real-time traffic “Smart Routes,” which are updated every 60 seconds with real-time traffic conditions. Instead of just letting you know when traffic is ahead, the app… Read more »

Google Maps 5.7 lets you download maps for offline use

  Google released an updated version of Google Maps for Android today, and while the company made a big fuss about a new feature that tells you when you’ve reached your stop on a bus, there’s another feature tucked away in the app which is at least as cool. You can now download maps to your device so you can look up locations, get directions,… Read more »

Google brings stop-by-stop transit directions to Android

Google Maps 5.7

Google Maps for Android has long offered the ability to get walking, biking, driving, or public transit directions plotted on a map. But the company has been gradually adding location-based Navigation features as well. First you could get free turn-by-turn voice navigation instructions while you were driving. Then Google added the same option for walking navigation. Now you can also use Google Maps Navigation while… Read more »