SoftMaker Office beta now available for Android

TextMaker beta for Android (SoftMaker Office)

SoftMaker has been making office software for mobile devices since PDAs were cool. For years, the company’s text, spreadsheet, and presentation apps for Windows Mobile offered better support for desktop office documents and more features than pretty much anybody else’s software. Now SoftMaker has released public beta versions of its first office apps for Android. TextMaker is a word processing application, PlanMaker makes spreadheets, and SoftMaker… Read more »

Opera Mini 7 web browser for Android: better graphics, bookmarks

Opera Mini 7 for Android

Opera has released an updated version of the Opera Mini web browser for Android. Opera Mini 7 offers a better Speed Dial bookmarking feature, support for NFC (Near Field Communication), and OpenGLES hardware graphics acceleration. The Opera Mini web browser is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. Opera actually offers two different web browsers for mobile devices: Opera Mobile and Opera… Read more »

Zoho Docs for Android lets you view, share online docs

Zoho provides a range of online software including web-based office software, web conferencing apps, and online accounting software. The company’s Zoho Docs service is at least as good as Google Docs for creating and editing text, spreadsheet, and presentation documents and collaborating with other users. But up until recently the only way to access Zoho Docs on a mobile device was by using a mobile… Read more »

Updated Google Play Store shows you *all* the apps you’ve ever downloaded

Google Play Store 3.5.15

The app store formerly known as the Android Market used to do a pretty good job of showing all the apps you’ve installed on your device and all the apps you’ve paid for. But if you wanted a list of free apps you’ve downloaded but don’t currently have installed, you were out of luck. But now Google is rolling out an updated version of the Google… Read more »

MIUI File Explorer now available for most Android devices

MIUI File Explorer

The MIUI ROM for Android phones and tablets has a few tricks up it sleeve, including a custom home screen and app launcher which has an iPhone-like feel and custom notification and settings menus. The MIUI developers have also written a few attractive apps for Android including the MIUI file explorer. But now you don’t need to replace your phone or tablet operating system with… Read more »

Siine keyboard for Android provides shortcuts for key words and phrases


Siine is a new keyboard app for Google Android which has a few tricks up its sleeve. There are nice big clock and calendar screens which make entering times and dates simple, and each has a series of shortcuts for frequently used words such as “around,” “before,” and “after.” But the thing that makes Siine really stand out are the shortcuts for frequently used words… Read more »

AIDE lets you build Android apps… on an Android device


If you want to build an Android app you can install the software development kit on your computer and then test your apps in an emulator or export them to an Android device — or you can just fire up a new app called AIDE that lets you program Android apps on an Android device. Then you can go ahead and test them on the… Read more »

OnLive Desktop lets you run Windows apps on iPad, Android tablets

OnLive Desktop

Mobile apps that let you remotely control your desktop computer are a dime a dozen. LogMeIn, TeamViewer, GoToMyPC, and Wyse PocketCloud are just a few of the remote desktop apps available for iOS and Android. But OnLive is taking things a step further with OnLive Desktop, by letting you login to a remote Windows computer and run Windows apps without installing anything on your PC or… Read more »