Firefox 16, Opera 12.1 web browser updates hit Android

Firefox 16 Reading Mode

Mozilla and Opera have both released updates to their web browsers for Android phones and tablets today. Opera Mobile 12.1 and Firefox 16 are both available as free downloads from the Google Play Store. The latest version of Firefox features a new Reader Mode which strips away images, sidebars, and other content and lets you just read a clean text version of whatever website you… Read more »

TomTom Navigation app for Android arrives, doesn’t yet support HD displays

TomTom for Android

GPS provider TomTom now offers a navigation app for Android smartphones. It offers detailed, turn-by-turn driving directions and pretty much lets you use your phone as a full-fledged GPS device. At $38 for the US version, it’s kind of expensive for a mobile app. But that’s a lot less money than you’d pay for a dedicated GPS device. And since TomTom app for Android loads all of… Read more »

TouchWiz vulnerability could allow websites to factory reset your phone

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung’s custom user interface for Android smartphones is called TouchWiz. Some folks think the color scheme, custom apps, and other tweaks Samsung makes to Android make the operating system easier to use — others find it ugly and cumbersome. But it turns out that it could also be dangerous to surf the web using TouchWiz. A security researcher has found a vulnerability that allows a… Read more »

Apple iPhone 5 has been jailbroken

Apple iPhone 5 jailbroken (with Cydia store)

The iPhone 5 runs the iOS 6 operating system and it’s the first device to ship with an Apple A6 processor. But neither of those things has stopped hackers from figuring out how to jailbreak the new phone. Grant Paul (@chpwn) has posted a few pictures showing his jailbroken iPhone 5. Jailbreaking an iOS device involves finding a security vulnerability and exploiting it to get… Read more »

Pocket for Android now lets you listen to saved web pages

Pocket Listen

Pocket is an app that lets you save web pages to read later, and then view streamlined versions of those sites formatted for a mobile device. The service used to be called “Read it Later,” which is more descriptive… but also a bit more of a mouthful. Now Pocket has updated its free Android app so that in addition to reading saved articles later, you can… Read more »

CyanogenMod 10 to feature Quick Message SMS enhancements

CM10 Quick Message

Developer Dan von Tonder is working on a new feature for CyanogenMod 10. It’s called Quick Message, and it’s a notification tweak that makes it easier to respond quickly to text messages received on a phone running the popular CyanogenMod version of Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Quick Message gives users the option of displaying a pop-up dialog when a new SMS message arrives. This… Read more »

Grooveshark returns to Google Play Store, now with free internet radio


Online music service Grooveshark lets you stream pretty much any song at any time… for free. That’s because, unlike competitors Spotify and Rdio, Grooveshark has a post-music-first, ask-for-permission-later approach. That’s probably why the company faces lawsuits from four major US record labels… and it’s also a large part of the reason Grooveshark’s mobile apps were booted from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store… Read more »

Amazon expands Android Appstore to Europe

Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is a place to download apps for Android phones and tablets. It’s the primary app store that ships with the Kindle Fire, but you can also install the store manually on most other Android devices in order to keep your apps synchronized between devices, take advantage of sales, download the free app of the day, or use other promotions. Up until now… Read more »