BlackBerry 10.1 adds HD camera mode, support for BlackBerry Q10 handset

BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry has released the first major software update to the BlackBerry 10 platform. The launch of BlackBerry 10.1 coincides with the release of the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone and adds support for that handset’s hardware keyboard and smaller screen. The update also includes new features for the BlackBerry Z10 touchscreen phone, including a new HDR camera mode. High Dynamic Range photography allows you to snap photos… Read more »

Verizon app store is closing in January, 2013

Verizon Apps

There’s no shortage of app stores for phones and tablets. Most popular mobile operating systems include their own app shops, stores, and marketplaces. But device makers and wireless carriers often decide to load their own stores too… just in case you’d rather download a game from the Verizon Apps store than the Google Play Store for some reason. Oh yeah… and so they can try… Read more »

RIM launches BlackBerry OS 7.1 in the UK

BlackBerry 7.1 battery saving mode

Research in Motion is rolling out a software update for BlackBerry users in the UK. No, it’s not BlackBerry 10 — no current handsets will get that as a software update. But BlackBerry 7.1 does include a number of nifty new features, and it’s available today for half a dozen existing phones including the latest BlackBerry Torch, Bold, and Curve devices. BlackBerry 7.1 includes a number of… Read more »

Want a BlackBerry 10 phone? You’ll probably need to buy a new device

BlackBerry 10 keyboard

Research in Motion is starting to show off its BlackBerry 10 operating system this week, and the company is actively courting developers in hopes of bringing some high quality apps to the new operating system. But what if you already have a phone that’s running the recently released BlackBerry 7 operating system? Will you be able to upgrade to BlackBerry 10? No. PhoneScoop reports that… Read more »

RIM unveils BlackBerry 10 platform for smartphones and tablets

Research in Motion is launching its BlackBerry 10 software platform for smartphones today, and the company is providing developers with a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha smartphone to kick the new operating system’s tires and develop apps for the new platform. Eventually RIM plans to offer the same operating system for both phones and tablets — but for now the company is emphasizing on the smartphone… Read more »

Uber launches web app, order car service from BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Uber mobile website for BlackBerry

Uber is a service that lets users book rides from a private car service in 25 different US cities. The company offers iPhone and Android apps that let you request a car from your phone — but now there’s also a mobile web app aimed at people that don’t have a supported phone. The website is designed for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and other mobile… Read more »

BlackBerry 10 will bring widgets to the home screen

BlackBerry 10

Research in Motion’s next major version of the BlackBerry operating system is dubbed BlackBerry 10 — and while the company hasn’t shared all that much information about the new OS, the folks at CrackBerry have snagged some details (and photos). BlackBerry 10 will be designed to run on both phones and tablets, and in some ways it’s expected to look a lot like BlackBerry PlayBook… Read more »

So long BBX, future RIM phones and tablets to run “BlackBerry 10”

BlackBerry 10

Research in Motion announced recently that its next-generation BlackBerry phones and tablets would run the same software, and it would be called BBX rather than BlackBerry OS or BlackBerry Tablet OS. There’s just one problem: A company called Basis International owns the trademarket for BBX. This week Basis announced that it’s won a temporary restraining order against RIM’s use of the BBX name, and at… Read more »