BBM Music launches for BlackBerry phones

BBM Music

Research in Motion is launching its new social music service, BBM Music for BlackBerry. Like competing services from Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, or MOG, BBM Music charges customers a monthly fee for the ability to stream music on demand. But there’s a huge twist with RIM’s model. First, the service costs just $5 per month, which is about half the price of competing services. Second — you only… Read more »

Twitter for BlackBerry adds multiple account support

Twitter 2.1 beta for BlackBerry

There’s a new beta version of the official Twitter app for BlackBerry, and it adds support for multiple Twitter accounts. Now if you have a personal account and one for work, you can login to both from your BlackBerry smartphone using Twitter 2.1 beta. The app is available as a free download from the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Twitter 2.1 beta supports up to 4 Twitter accounts at… Read more »

BlackBerry Messenger for Android on the way?

BlackBerry Messenger for Android

Update: There’s reason to believe these screenshots could be fake. Earlier this year a rumor started making the rounds that Research in Motion was preparing to launch BlackBerry Messenger apps for Android and iOS. On the one hand, this would open up the company’s popular instant messaging service to a much larger audience. On the other hand, it could hurt BlackBerry smartphone sales since right… Read more »

Foursquare for BlackBerry updated, adds new design and features

Popular location-sharing network Foursquare has updated its app for BlackBerry to version 3.2.1, packing a host of new features and a redesigned UI. The most notable feature is the overhaul of the Venue and Check-in screen, while the entire layout is now amended to take into account devices with high-res screens. Also, many users were having issues connecting to BBM servers, so Foursquare responded by… Read more »

Samsung unveils ChatON smartphone messaging service


Samsung has unveiled its answer to BlackBerry Messenger, iMessage, and pretty much every other messaging service for mobile devices. It’s called ChatON, and the app will be available soon for Samsung phones running Bada OS or Android, as well as for devices running iOS, or BlackBerry OS. In fact, ChatON won’t even require a smartphone, a simpler version will also be available for feature phones…. Read more »

Skype acquires group messaging service GroupMe


GroupMe is a group messaging service that lets you create groups from the contacts on your smartphone and start conversations involving everyone in the group. The company offers clients for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 and also works over SMS. Today Skype announced that it’s acquiring GroupMe — which actually means Microsoft is buying GroupMe, since Microsoft acquired Skype recently. Skype offers voice,… Read more »

BlackBerry Messenger 6 brings BBM to third party apps

BlackBerry Messenger 6

Research in Motion has officially launched BlackBerry Messenger 6. You can download it today from the BlackBerry App World. The latest version of BBM includes a number of improvements including battery location services and easier contact searching. But the biggest change is support for BBM connected apps. BBM 6 allows third party developers to incorporate BlackBerry Messenger features into their apps. This makes a couple of things… Read more »

BlackBerry OS 7 bringing new keyboard to the Torch 2

Research in Motion may be preparing to launch a new software keyboard with BlackBerry OS 7. According to leaked screenshots from the upcoming BlackBerry Torch 2 smartphone, RIM will be giving the keyboard a bit of an overhaul. Both the 9810 (Torch 2) and 9850 (a BlackBerry Storm variation) are expected to benefit from the reformed design, which includes rectangular keys, a more pronounced spacebar,… Read more »