Google Maps adds transit directions for London

Google Maps transit

Google just made it a little bit easier to get around in London without a car. The company has added public transportation directions for London to all of its Google Maps products. That means if you’re using Google Maps for Android, iOS, or BlackBerry or Google Maps in a web browser you can get step by step directions for getting from one place to another… Read more »

Verizon Navigator VX now reroutes to avoid traffic

Verizon has added a number of new features to its VZ Navigator application and changed the name to “Verizon Navigator VX.” Customers can try out the new app for free for 30 days. The update includes the addition of real-time traffic “Smart Routes,” which are updated every 60 seconds with real-time traffic conditions. Instead of just letting you know when traffic is ahead, the app… Read more »

Wikitude app for BlackBerry brings augmented reality to the platform

At BlackBerry World 2011, Research in Motion showcased its new BlackBerry Bold 9900 and a preloaded application called Wikitude. The new Bold is the first BlackBerry to¬†include a magnetic compass and the right display overlay software, meaning it’s capable of augmented reality technology. Wikitude’s main function is the ability to check out geo-positioned Wikipedia articles. For example, pointing your smartphone’s camera at the Eiffel Tower… Read more »