Pocket for Android now lets you listen to saved web pages

Pocket Listen

Pocket is an app that lets you save web pages to read later, and then view streamlined versions of those sites formatted for a mobile device. The service used to be called “Read it Later,” which is more descriptive… but also a bit more of a mouthful. Now Pocket has updated its free Android app so that in addition to reading saved articles later, you can… Read more »

Shazam can now tag live TV shows, provide cast details and more on your phone


Shazam built a name for itself by letting you tap a button on your phone to identify songs playing on a radio, on TV, at a club, or anywhere else. Now the Shazam app can also identify TV shows. Just hold your phone or tablet close enough to the TV so that the mic can pick up the audio, and tap the Shazam button and… Read more »

Google releases standalone YouTube app for iOS

YouTube for iOS

Every Apple iOS device from the original iPhone to the latest iPad has shipped with a YouTube app pre-installed. But with the launch of iOS 6 this year, Apple is killing that app. Now  Google is stepping up to fill in the gap, by offering an official app. It’s available as a free download from the App Store. The app provides a central location to… Read more »

Nokia launches Pandora-like free streaming music service in the US

Nokia Music

Nokia is offering a new streaming Nokia Music service in the US, letting Nokia Lumia smartphone users tune into millions of songs for free. But this isn’t a Rdio or Spotify-like service where you can stream any song at any time. Instead, it’s more of a Pandora-like internet radio service which lets you stream playlists to your phone for free. At launch, Nokia offers 150… Read more »

TeamViewer QuickSupport: Remote control a Samsung phone, tablet from a PC

TeamViewer QuickSupport

There are a number of apps that let you remote control a PC from an Android phone or tablet. But TeamViewer has just released an app that does the opposite: It lets you remote control an Android phone or tablet from a PC. This lets you offer tech support to an Android user on the go or view data remotely. Right now TeamViewer QuickSupport only… Read more »

Take a photo, translate text with Google Translate for Android

Google Translate

Google has updated the free Google Translate app for Android, letting you translate text by snapping a photo and then brushing your finger over the text in an image. All you have to do get started is fire up the app, hit the camera button, point your camera at a restaurant menu, business sign, or anything else you want to translate. You’ll need Google Translate 2.5… Read more »

OTA Update Center brings over-the-air updates to custom Android ROMs

OTA Update Center

If you have an Android smartphone from a big name device maker such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, or LG, when an operating system update is available you’ll probably see a notification on your device prompting you to download and install it. That’s assuming you’re running the software that came with your phone. If you’ve rooted your device, unlocked the bootloader, and installed CyanogenMod, AOKP,… Read more »

ClockworkMod 6: Create flashable update.zip from your current ROM

ClockworkMod 6

ClockworkMod Recovery is a utility that you can use with an Android phone or table to backup or restore your device, or flash (install) software updates or even new operating systems. Now the developer has revealed a new feature that will be available in version 6.0: The ability to create an installable update.zip file based on your current firmware. In other words, in addition to… Read more »