Gmail 2.0 brings multiple user accounts, new UI to iPhone, iPad

Gmail 2.0 for iOS

Maybe the second time’s a charm. Google released its first Gmail app for iOS over a year ago, but it was a bit buggy and short on features. While Google offered a few minor updates with support for things like push notifications, the Gmail app for iPhone and iPad continued to play second fiddle to the company’s Android apps. Now Google has released Gmail 2.0 for iOS,… Read more »

Gmail for iOS now supports Notification Center, persistent login

Gmail app for iOS

Google has offered a Gmail app for iOS for a while, but up until recently it’s been missing some of the features you get with Apple’s default Mail app. Today Google released an update adding some of those features, giving you at least two less reasons to use Mail instead of Gmail. The first change is support for the iOS Notification Center. This lets you receive… Read more »

Skype updates apps for Android, iOS

Skype for iPad

Just a few days after launching an official voice and video chat for Windows Phone, Skype has released new apps for Android and iOS. Skype 2.8 for Android is now available from the Google Play Store, while you can grab Skype 4.0 for iPhone or iPad from the App Store. The new Android app features support for video rotation on additional phones and tablets, instant… Read more »

Add push email notification to Sparrow for iOS (jailbreak only)

Sparrow Push

The developers of the popular Mac email client Sparrow recently launched an iPhone version, and it’s attracted a lot of attention for three reasons: It’s easy to use; offers features missing from the default iOS Mail app; and it doesn’t support push email. That last point isn’t the developers’ fault. Apple rejected the method for push notifications that Sparrow was using, so the only choice… Read more »

Sparrow launches email app for iOS (without push notifications)


Sparrow is a popular email client for Mac computers. Now the company has launched an iOS version which supports any email service using IMAP including Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and others. You can sign into multiple accounts and view all of your messages in a unified inbox. Gmail users will be able to access labels, and threaded messages. And you can sign into your Facebook account… Read more »

Gmail returns to the App Store, brings along push notifications

Gmail app for iOS

Google has released an updated version of the native Gmail app for iOS. It’s now available as a free download from the App Store. The Gmail app initially launched about two weeks ago, but Google pulled it almost immediately after users reported that push notifications weren’t working and an error message popped up whenever they first launched the app. I’ve been using the app on… Read more »

Google launches Gmail app for iOS

Gmail for iOS

It’s been about four years since the iPhone hit the market, and more than three years since the App Store opened for business. So it’s about time Google finally got around to releasing a native Gmail app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad… which is exactly what the company did today. Update: The app has been pulled from the App Store temporarily while Google… Read more »

Native Gmail app coming to iPhone (because web apps still aren’t enough)

Gmail web app

There’s a rumor going around that Google has finally developed an official Gmail app for iOS and submitted it to Apple for approval. It will allow users to send and receive email without firing up a web browser — and it will support push email, which is something the web app simply can’t do. Don’t get me wrong, Google’s mobile web apps for Gmail, Google… Read more »