There’s no good reason Siri is an iPhone 4s exclusive – Video


Siri is one of the most talked-about features of the new iPhone 4S. Sure, Apple’s latest phone also has a dual core processor which offers better performance than the chips found in the iPhone 4 or the latest iPod touch. But Apple’s new voice-assist service which lets you ask your phone questions — and get real answers is the show-stopping feature that makes the iPhone 4S… Read more »

Nimbuzz launches PC app — lets you make free voice, video calls to phones

Nimbuzz for Mac

Nimbuzz offers mobile apps that let you chat with or make free calls to other Nimbuzz users, or cheap calls to phone numbers. The iPhone app supports video calls, while you can also make voice-only calls from the Nimbuzz Android and Symbian apps. Now the company has also  launched a PC app for Mac or Windows which means you can place a call from a desktop… Read more »

Now you can unlock iPhones with iOS 5 using ultrasn0w


The iPhone Dev Team has released an updated version of the ultrasn0w tool that adds support for iOS 5. You can use ultrasn0w to carrier unlock an iPhone. In other words, this is the tool you need if you want to use an AT&T iPhone with T-Mobile or another network. In order to use ultrasn0w, you have to jailbreak your device. There’s a way to… Read more »

Facebook for iPad now available

Facebook for iPad

It’s been a long time coming, but Facebook has finally released an official iPad app. Users have been able to run the iPhone app on an iPad, but let’s be honest — it looks awful on a 9.7 inch display. The new iPad app has been designed to take advantage of the extra screen real estate and give you access to most of the important… Read more »

Apple introduces Siri voice commands for iOS


Last year Apple acquired Siri, a company working on voice recognition/personal assistant software for mobile devices. Today Apple explained what it will do with Siri: Not surprisingly, voice recognition and voice commands will be built into the new iPhone 4S. Apple’s Scott Forstall showed off the new feature today by demonstrating how you can ask the phone questions and receive answers thanks to integration with… Read more »

Google+ social network now open to everyone, adds video “Hangouts” for mobile

Google Plus Hangouts

It’s been about three months since Google launched the Google+ social network, and today the company is removing the beta label. Anyone can sign up for the service. Google also launched a few major updates today, including some new features that are available in a web browser and a few that are available on mobile devices. The biggest change for mobile users is support for… Read more »

Fring Playgrounds: iOS and Android video chatrooms with up to 4 random participants

Fring Playgrounds

Fring is continuing to push the boundaries of mobile communications. The company has long offered smartphone apps for making free voice and video calls over the internet. Earlier this year the company added support for 4-way video chat, letting you make video calls to up to three other people. Today Fring launched a new feature called Fring Playgrounds which lets you chat with up to… Read more »

Google finally launches Blogger app for iOS

Blogger for iOS

In a baffling move, it wasn’t until February of this year that Google launched an official Blogger app for Android. Google has operated the Blogger platform and millions of Blogspot blogs for ages, and over the past few years a number of third party apps have popped up that allow users to post updates from their Google Android phones. Now that there is an official app… Read more »