Google releases standalone YouTube app for iOS

YouTube for iOS

Every Apple iOS device from the original iPhone to the latest iPad has shipped with a YouTube app pre-installed. But with the launch of iOS 6 this year, Apple is killing that app. Now ¬†Google is stepping up to fill in the gap, by offering an official app. It’s available as a free download from the App Store. The app provides a central location to… Read more »

Apple launches Podcasts app for iOS

Podcasts for iOS

Podcasting got its name from Apple’s iPod products. But when Apple released the first iPhone, it didn’t bother offering a standalone app for podcasts. Instead if you wanted to download internet radio programs to your device you used the Music app. But the Music app for iOS has never made downloading or managing podcasts all that easy. Now Apple has finally introduced an official Podcasts… Read more »

Amazon releases Cloud Player for iPhone, iPod Touch

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player is an app that lets you stream music from your Amazon account to a mobile device. The company launched an Android app last March, and an iPad app has been available since July, 2011. Now an Amazon Cloud Player app is finally available for iPhone and iPod touch. it’s available as a free download from the App Store. Amazon gives users 5GB… Read more »

ACL Archive brings Austin City Limits performances to your iPad

ACL Archive

Austin City Limits has been recording and broadcasting some of the best musical performances available on TV for more than 30 years. But TV isn’t the only place to watch the concert recordings anymore. A new app called ACL Archive brings some of the best performances to Apple’s iPad. ACL Archive is available as a free download from the App Store. But you only get… Read more »

Avid Studio video editor hits the iPad, looks a lot like iMovie

Avid Studio for iPad

Avid is one of the big names in audio and video production software. The company offers professional media editing software for prices as high as $2499, and the Avid Studio home movie-making suite runs $170. But now the company is launching a $5 version designed for the Apple iPad. Avid Studio for iPad is optimized for touchscreen input and the Apple tablet’s small screen. The… Read more »

BBC iPlayer global app coming to the iPhone, iPod touch

BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer delivers digital videos for popular BBC programming. When the iPlayer launcher, it was only available in a computer web browser… and in Britain. Since British residents pay a TV license fee to fund the BBC, the iPlayer service was free in Britain, but unavailable elsewhere. Earlier this year the iPlayer went global… or at least partially global. The BBC launcher a global… Read more »

GarageBand app now jams on iPhone, iPod touch too

GarageBand 1.1

Apple’s GarageBand app for iOS lets users create and edit music on a mobile device. When the app launched last year it was an iPad exclusive. But now Apple has released a major update which allows GarageBand to run on an iPhone or iPod touch as well. You can use the app to tap out tunes on a virtual keyboard, strum a virtual guitar, tap… Read more »

Apple launches iTunes Movie Trailers app for iPhone, iPad

Apple has released a new free app called iTunes Movie Trailers, available in the App Store today. The app allows users to find the latest movie trailers and clips in high-def, view a full-year’s worth of movie releases in a calendar, and check out on-set photos for upcoming films. Though the app centers around the ability to conveniently view the latest cinema-related media, you can… Read more »