So much for tablet only: The Daily news app comes to iPhone

The Daily iPhone news app

The Daily is a daily news publication that’s only available in digital form. And I don’t mean a website. When Rupert Murdoch launched The Daily launched last year, it was billed as the first major tablet-only news source. It was billed as the (or at least one possible) future of news. Instead of simply taking images and text from a printed paper or magazine and… Read more »

Flipboard social news app coming to the iPhone

Flipboard, a popular social news-magazine app for iPad, is planning to add books, movies and TV content to its ‘pages.’ The company will also be launching an app for iOS devices with smaller screens son. Currently, Flipboard offers content from various magazines like the Economist and Rolling Stone, while hosting customized news-feeds via Facebook and Twitter. How Flipboard will include books in your personalized feeds… Read more »

TweetCaster launches Twitter app for iPad

Tweetcaster already offers one of the most popular Twitter apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Now the developers have introduced a new version of the app which plays well with the iPad as well. The iPad user interface was designed to utilize the iPad’s 10″ screen, meaning you’ll find Trends, Nearby, Who to Follow and Search boxes all in the real estate of a single… Read more »

CNN launches live video stream for iOS, web — for paid TV subscribers only

The good news is that CNN is now broadcasting its 24-hour live news channel over the internet for free. You can tune in on a desktop web browser or using an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The bad (but not particularly surprising) news is that you’ll need to be a paid TV subscriber to use the service. If you go to and click the… Read more »

The Financial Times launches new HTML 5 web app

The Financial Times has decided to replace its aging mobile applications for iOS, Android and other platforms with a new web app based on HTML 5. The move could pave the way for more web apps based on the latest web standards — but not just because of the new features HTML5 offers. The new web app also offers the FT a way to provide… Read more »

Fox News releases app for iPad

Fox News Channel has released an app for iPad available as a free download in the App Store. FOX isn’t the first TV news network to launch an iPad app. The news app joins the ranks of apps from CNN, BBC and the AP. The Fox News app is well-designed and optimized for easy use on the iPad’s 10″ screen. Feature highlights include the swipe-able “Happening Now” section… Read more »

Google brings “News near you” to mobile browsers

Google has added a new feature to the mobile version of Google News, allowing you to select “News near you” to find the latest stories rom whatever area you happen to be in. Google News already lets users select local news from cities manually, but this feature makes the process automatic — and since it relies on Google’s location-based services, your news will move when… Read more »

Taptu newsreader brings your favorite social, web feeds together

is an alternative news-aggregator that allows you to personalize your streams with anything from Facebook to a specific area of interest. It doesn’t deliver a magazine-like experience like the competing Flipboard, but for now that app is limited to the iPad and it’s capped at 21 sections of content. Taptu is available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. is also a like-minded application, but you’re limited to 60… Read more »