iPad app shows the best articles from your Twitter contacts… and from theirs too is an iPad app that shows you the stories you’re most likely to find interesting based on the people you follow on Twitter. There’s nothing particularly unusual there, since social news apps are a dime a dozen. But has a few things that really set it apart. First, in addition to seeing the top stories shared by people you follow on Twitter, you… Read more »

Bloomberg Businessweek iPad app now available for $2.99 per month

Now that Apple makes it easy for developers to accept subscription payments, a growing number of newspaper and magazine publishers are developing iPad apps and charging subscribers a monthly fee instead of billing for an app up front and offering free content. The latest big name to enter the iPad app space is Bloomberg Businessweek. The app runs $2.99 per month. The app offers the… Read more »

This American Life launches an iPad app

The radio program This American Life has offered iPhone and Android apps for a while, allowing users to listen to any episode of the show for just $2.99. Now there’s also an iPad app which runs $4.99. Like the smartphone apps, the new iPad app lets you tune into more than 430 episodes on demand. You can also listen to the show live as it… Read more »

Hitpad app delivers the Internet’s most popular news to your iPad

With the App Store’s iPad news category getting awfully full of Pulse-like RSS readers, many news apps are starting to stand out by adding unique features and functions. Hitpad does just that: it collects and organizes the news based on what’s popular around the web. Using some proprietary algorithms, it determines what people are interested in on the Internet across various media sources, like Twitter and… Read more »

The Onion Tablet app for iPad now available in App Store

One of the most recognized fake-news sources, The Onion, has officially launched its Onion Tablet app for iPad. Within the app, you’ll find most of the Onion’s daily news content, such as News in Briefs and American Voices. It features HD-quality videos and hi-res image content such as Statshots and News in Photos. Best of all, these images are full screen, meaning the app is fully… Read more »

Pulse News Reader for Android, iOS gets more social

Pulse has pushed out an updated version of its apps for Android and iOS bringing new social features to Pulse News Reader. Pulse lets you view news from a number of web sites in an attractive wall of news format with headlines and images pulled from the web pages. You can then click on any article to view a stripped down version formatted for your… Read more »

New York Times 3.0 for iPhone adds push notifications, photo & video sections

Just a few days before the New York Times paywall is set to take effect, the newspaper company has pushed out an updated version of its iPhone app.  I doubt failing to update the app will allow you to keep reading for free, but I guess we’ll find out on Monday. Top stories will be free to read with or without a subscription either way…. Read more »

New York Times unveils digital subscription pricing for web site, mobile apps

The New York Times is starting to roll out digital subscription plans in Canada this week, with US and international subscriptions set to take effect on march 28th. Readers will be able to view the paper’s home page for free, and read up to 20 articles per month at no cost. You’ll also be able to access the “Top News” section of the company’s mobile… Read more »