Google Maps returns to iOS, this time as a third-party app

Google Maps for iOS

Apple has included a Maps application with every iOS device since the original iPhone. Up until recently the mapping capabilities were powered by Google Maps, but when Apple released iOS 6 this year, the company severed the relationship with Google Maps, instead building an in-house mapping system. That move’s been a bit controversial… with many users feeling like they’re acting as beta testers for a… Read more »

Google Maps adds transit directions for London

Google Maps transit

Google just made it a little bit easier to get around in London without a car. The company has added public transportation directions for London to all of its Google Maps products. That means if you’re using Google Maps for Android, iOS, or BlackBerry or Google Maps in a web browser you can get step by step directions for getting from one place to another… Read more »

Hipmunk travel search launches app for iPad

Flight and hotel search service¬†Hipmunk has announced the launch of its new iPad app, Hipmunk Flight Search, which is now available as a free download in the App Store. The release was accompanied by an update to the iPhone app that Hipmunk released in February. The app is designed to function similarly to the Hipmunk official website’s experience. Flight results are sorted according to those… Read more »

Google Maps mobile web app now works more like a native app

Google has rolled out an update to the mobile web version of Google Maps, offering many of the features that were previously only available in the company’s native iOS and Android apps. You can now visit in your phone’s browser and view your current location, search for nearby businesses or attractions, get driving, transit, biking, or walking directions, and view traffic and other layers…. Read more »

Google Latitude brings check-ins to the iPhone

Google has launched an updated version of Latitude for iOS that adds support for check-ins. The company added check-ins to the Android version of Google Maps earlier this month. Google Latitude is a service that lets you see where your friends are on a map in real-time. But if your friends haven’t turned on the feature in a while you end up looking at list… Read more »

Broadcastr brings radio to the masses with location-based audio sharing, recording

Say you’re walking down a city street with an iPhone in hand. You can fire up dozens of apps that will let you find a sandwich shop, historic marker, coupon, or other item. And now you can also listen to people tell stories tied to the place where you’re standing, thanks to a new app called Broadcastr. The app lets anyone create an audio recording… Read more »

Hipmunk launches Flight Search app for iOS

Hipmunk is a web-based service that lets you search for flights across multiple airlines. Of course, that hardly sets it apart from dozens of other services, but Hipmunk has a few things going for it that have gained the service a loyal following: Flights are plotted out on a graph showing price, flight time, and length of trips. There’s an “agony” index which takes into… Read more »

Google Places now available for iPhone

Up until today, Google Places was one of the best Android-only features of Google Maps. But now Google has rolled out Places for iOS, letting iPhone users find nearby restaurants, coffee shops, ATMs, gas stations, and other spots with just a click or two. You can also customize the list with your own search terms. Like the Android version, Places for iPhone also uses the… Read more »