Garmin launches StreetPilot navigation software for iOS

GPS navigation apps for the iPhone are  a dime a dozen these days, but somehow one of the biggest names in GPS hasn’t launched an iPhone app… until now. Today Garmin has released a GPS app for iOS called StreetPilot. The app runs $39.99 and provides maps and directions for the US and Canada. It also offers voice directions, traffic alerts, road closure information, lane… Read more »

Navfree USA offers free turn-by-turn directions for iOS

Free turn-by-turn directions on a mobile phone are nothing new. Google has been offering them with the Android version of Google Maps since January. But Navfree is offering something that you don’t see too often: a free 1.6GB download for iOS which provides you with turn-by-turn directions throughout the US whether you’re online or not — since the data is stored on your device. You… Read more »

Foursquare adds support for photos, comments

Mobile check-in service Foursquare has added two new features to its iPhone app: photos and comments. The company says these are two of the most frequently requested features, and here’s how they’ll work: When you check-in to a location, your friends can comment, letting you know they’re nearby, the burgers suck at the place where you’re getting lunch, or whatever. You can also take a… Read more »

Google Latitude app for iPhone now available

Google Latitude is a free service that lets you see where your Google Contacts are in real-time, on a Google Map. The service has been available for Android for a while, and PC users can configure a setting in a web browser to let their computers send location data to Google. But an iPhone app has been noticeably absent… until now. Google has finally released… Read more »

Gowalla 3 adds support for Facebook, Foursquare check-ins

Check-ins are the new microblogs. While services like Twitter and Facebook let you share your latest thoughts with your friends in a few short characters, apps like Foursquare and Gowalla have made a name for themselves by letting you “check in” to a physical location with your phone. You can stop by your favorite bar, restaurant, clothing store, library or any other location and let… Read more »

Yelp adds support for check-in offers

Restaurant and business rating/locating service Yelp rolled out the ability for mobile users to “check in” to locations recently. Now there’s a good reason to actually do that: Yelp has added support for check-in offers. This lets businesses offer discounts, coupons, and other promotions to visitors who check in at their shops. An updated version of the Yelp app for Android hit the Market yesterday… Read more »

Orbitz launches iPhone, Android apps for finding and booking travel

Travel site Orbitz has released mobile apps for iOS and Google Android, allowing you to search for flights, hotel rooms, or cars from your phone. There’s nothing new there. There are a number of other apps which offer similar services, but Orbitz says its app is the first which can actually let you book your travel plans directly from the app. Most other travel apps… Read more »

Lonely Planet London City Guide for iOS available for free

Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has a line of mobile apps for iPhone which normally run $5.99. A week or two ago I managed to snag the New York City and San Francisco guides for free as part of a limited promotion but before I got a chance to write about it, they’d gone back to full price. So when I noticed that the London… Read more »