Next-gen Symbian Anna software coming this summer

Sure, Nokia plans to switch from Symbian to Windows Phone 7 for its future smartphones. But those phones won’t be ready to go until next year and the complete transition could take a full two years. In the meantime Nokia is continuing to do a little work on the Symbian mobile operating system and today the company announced that a handful of phones will ship… Read more »

Nokia to provide Symbian updates, support through 2016

Nokia may be preparing to switch from Symbian to Windows Phone 7 for future devices, but the company doesn’t want you to stop buying existing phones while waiting for new models. But how do you convince someone to invest in a dying platform? By convincing them it’s not exactly dying… Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says the company will continue to offer software updates and support… Read more »

Nokia kills off the Ovi name, say hello to Nokia Maps, Nokia app store

Nokia has announced it will rebrand all of its Ovi software and services starting this summer. So Ovi Maps, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Chat will be called Nokia Maps, Mail, and so on by the end of next year. And the Ovi Store for third party apps will be the Nokia Store. The move will bring together Nokia’s hardware and software under a single brand…… Read more »

Accenture takes over Symbian

Nokia pretty much pulled the plug on Symbian when the company announced its future smartphones would run Windows Phone 7. But there are still a lot of Symbian phones on the market (not in the US, but in Europe and other locales), and Nokia was still supporting those phones and working on some updates. Now Nokia is washing its hands of that responsibility as well,… Read more »

Opera Mobile 11, Mini 6 now available

Opera has released updated versions of its mobile browsers smartphones. Opera Mobile 11  is available for Android, Symbian, and MeeGo, while Opera Mini 6 supports BlackBerry as well. So what’s new in Opera Mobile 11 and Mini 6… and why does the company offer two browsers? In a nutshell, Opera Mobile is a full-featured browser with its own rendering engine and support for JavaScript, HTMl5…. Read more »

Nokia: Symbian is out, Windows Phone is in

Nokia still sells more phones than any other company on the planet. But the company’s market share is rapidly declining and the Symbian smartphone operating system which powers Nokia’s high-end devices has been seriously lagging behind iOS and Android in development. Today Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced the company is going to take pretty drastic action in an attempt to turn things around: it’s dropping… Read more »

Nokia releases update for Symbian phones

Nokia has released a software update for the latest Symbian phones, the Nokia N8, C7, and C6-01. If you were waiting for a complete overhaul of the operating system, you might be a little underwhelmed by the new feature list. Last year Nokia decided to focus on a series of frequent updates instead of  pushing out major OS upgrades. The software update 1.1 seems to… Read more »

SPB Migration Tool helps Windows Mobile, Symbian users switch to Android

So you want to buy a Google Android phone, but you’ve spent the last 10 years loading all of your personal data info onto a Windows Mobile or Symbian device. SPB Software has a simple solution, called SPB Migration Tool. It’s a $10 app which you can use to copy your data from Windows Mobile or Symbian and export it to an Android device. There… Read more »