Phoenix Devices hopes to keep webOS alive, port it to existing hardware

Phoenix Devices logo

After the failure of the HP TouchPad tablet and Pre and Veer smartphones, HP discontinued all of its webOS hardware last year. But the company didn’t kill off the operating system. Instead, HP has started to convert webOS into an open source project, and Open webOS is due out later this year. Then what? It’s not actually clear. HP may or may not ever release… Read more »

webOS goes open source soon, hacker already porting it to Android hardware

HTC Evo with webOS

HP has announced plans to release webOS as an open source project soon, but while the source code isn’t available yet some folks have already started working to port webOS to run on hardware originally designed to run designed for different operating systems. WebOS-Internals member Ryan Hope posted a few pictures today of an HTC Evo 3D running a buggy build of webOS 3.0 today…. Read more »

HP releases webOS 2.2.4, brings Skype to more phones

webOS 2.2.4

HP may have canceled the Pre 2 smartphone, but the company is still rolling out software updates… for now. This week HP released webOS 2.2.5 for some Pre 2 handsets, adding new features including: Support for Skype voice calls and instant messages Ability to share text messages and calls with an HP TouchPad over Bluetooth Sync improvements for Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and contacts Up… Read more »

About 4.2 million people have registered webOS devices… ever

4.2 million webOS installs

Have you ever wondered how many webOS devices Palm and HP sold before unceremoniously cancelling the latest webOS phones and tablets this summer? About 4.2 million. The folks at webOS Internals have put together an estimate of the number of webOS devices activated over time, and since 2009 it looks like that’s about how many people have created webOS profiles. Unfortunately the number is far… Read more »

HP is done updating webOS for the Palm Pre3

Palm Pre3

The future of HP’s webOS operating system remains uncertain. While the company canceled all current webOS smartphones and tablets this summer, HP has continued to push out software updates for the million or so HP TouchPads that had been sold. But it looks like the company won’t be offering any updates for the Palm Pre3 smartphone. A member of the HP developer relations team posted… Read more »

Guardian: HP will probably kill off webOS soon


Officially HP hasn’t yet decided whether to kill off its webOS division. Unofficially, The Guardian reports it’s probably going to happen. During a conference call discussing the decision not to spin off HP’s PC business as a separate company, HP executives yesterday said that a decision on webOS would be made in the coming months. But the Guardian has been interviewing folks off the record, and… Read more »

Samsung won’t be buying webOS from HP

Palm Pre with webOS

HP is killing off its webOS hardware division, which means pretty soon there will be no more HP TouchPad, Pre or Veer devices. But the company still has high hopes fro the webOS software. HP may still install webOS on future PCs, printers, and other devices, and the company has been seeking a partner willing to license webOS for their own phones or tablets. Clearly… Read more »

Microsoft courts webOS developers while HP tries to hang onto them


Following HP’s announcement that it would discontinue all webOS hardware including smartphones and tablets, Microsoft’s Brandon Walsh reached out to webOS developers, promising free phones and other tools if they were interested in developing for Windows Phone 7. So far he’s received over 200 replies. For its part, HP is trying to convince webOS developers not to jump ship. While the company will no longer… Read more »