Windows Phone 7.8 to start rolling out in early 2013, will bring home, lock screen improvements

Windows Phone 7.8 Start Screen

Microsoft plans to start rolling out a software update for Windows Phone 7.5 devices in early 2013, bringing improvements to the home screen, lock screen, and other areas. While Windows Phone 8 will never be able to run on phones like the Nokia Lumia 900 which shipped with Windows Phone 7.5, the new operating system (called Windows Phone 7.8) will bring some of the most… Read more »

First Windows Phone 8 devices coming in early November


Microsoft has announced that the first handsets running Windows Phone 8 will ship during the first weekend in November. Samsung, HTC, and Nokia will offer some of the first phones, and they’ll be available in the US from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. So what’s new in Windows Phone 8? Microsoft is updating its smartphone operating system with a version of the Internet Explorer 10 web… Read more »

Nokia launches Pandora-like free streaming music service in the US

Nokia Music

Nokia is offering a new streaming Nokia Music service in the US, letting Nokia Lumia smartphone users tune into millions of songs for free. But this isn’t a Rdio or Spotify-like service where you can stream any song at any time. Instead, it’s more of a Pandora-like internet radio service which lets you stream playlists to your phone for free. At launch, Nokia offers 150… Read more »

Microsoft introduces Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 shared core

Microsoft’s next-generation operating system for smartphones is on the way, and Microsoft is introducing some of the features we’ll see in Windows Phone 8. That includes support for a wider range of hardware including higher resolution displays, support for apps written in native code, and a shared core with the Windows 8 operating system for desktop, notebook, and tablet computers. Both operating systems are due… Read more »

You can’t download Windows Phone apps from Zune PC software anymore

Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft is pushing the kill switch on app downloads through the Zune PC software. Instead, from now on if you want to download Windows Phone apps you’ll need to do it on your device or using the web-based Windows Phone Marketplace. The move makes sense, because the Zune PC software wasn’t really designed to be an app store or app management service. It was originally… Read more »

Skype for Windows Phone exits beta, won’t run on cheaper phones

Skype for Windows Phone 7

Skype is a voice and video chat app for PC and mobile which lets users make cheap or free calls to other Skype users or telephone numbers. Microsoft bought Skype in 2011, so it’s no surprise that the company was working on a Windows Phone app to join the Skype apps for Android and iOS. Skype for Windows Phone has been available as a public… Read more »

ChevronWP7 Labs closes, takes Windows Phone 7 jailbreak tools with it


ChevronWP7 Labs offered a limited jailbreaking tool for phones running Windows Phone 7 for a brief period of time. The tool didn’t give you complete access over your phone’s software the way that rooting an Android phone or jailbreaking an iPhone does. But it did make it possible to install apps that were not downloaded from the official Windows Phone Marketplace. Now the folks behind… Read more »

Uber launches web app, order car service from BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Uber mobile website for BlackBerry

Uber is a service that lets users book rides from a private car service in 25 different US cities. The company offers iPhone and Android apps that let you request a car from your phone — but now there’s also a mobile web app aimed at people that don’t have a supported phone. The website is designed for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and other mobile… Read more »