Nokia Play To brings DLNA photo, video streaming to Lumia phones

Nokia Play To

Nokia has released a public beta of a new app called Play To for its Lumia Windows Phone handsets. Play To lets you stream photos and videos to any DLNA-capable device on your home network. DLNA is a protocol for streaming content over a WiFi network, and it’s supported by some recent televisions as well as set-top-boxes such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Windows Media… Read more »

WIndows Phone Marketplace hits 70,000 apps

Windows Phone Marketplace

There are over half a million apps available for iOS, and nearly as many for Google Android phones and tablets. While the Windows Phone Marketplace is still trailing far behind, Microsoft’s app store is playing catch up. According to Microsoft, there are now more than 70,000 Windows phone apps available from download from the Windows Marketplace. In fact, there are about 300 new apps showing… Read more »

Windows Phone Tango to support 8-app multitasking

Windows Phone 7.5 refresh multitasking

A leaked build of the next version of Windows Phone is making the rounds, and the folks at xda-developers are compiling a list of new features found in the software. One of the most interesting changes is that the new version of Windows Phone will allow you to run 8 tasks in the background. Currently Windows Phone only supports up to 5 background apps. The change appears… Read more »

Microsoft loosens Windows Phone hardware requirements, cheaper phones coming

Nokia Lumia 610

Microsoft recently announced that it’s easing its hardware restrictions for Windows Phone devices, allowing phone makers to load Windows Phone 7 software on devices with slower processors and less memory. That could get Windows Phone software into more people’s hands… but some apps designed for more powerful phones may not run properly on the new cheaper handsets such as the upcoming Nokia Lumia 610 and… Read more »

Skype beta for Windows Phone lets you make voice and video calls

Skype for Windows Phone

It’s been almost a year since Microsoft bought Skype, so it’s no surprise that the companies have been working on a Skype voice and video chat for Windows Phone devices. Now the first public beta is available. You can download the app for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace. It lets you make audio or video calls for free over WiFi, 3G, or 4G connections. You… Read more »

WML emulator brings classic Windows Mobile apps to Windows Phone 7

HTC HD7 with Windows Mobile 6 in WML

Microsoft may have given up on the Windows Mobile operating system, opting to start over from scratch with Windows Phone 7. But some users haven’t given up on Windows Mobile, and the thousands of games and other apps designed to run on the aging mobile operating system. The folks at the Dark Forces Team are working on a new project called WML which allows you… Read more »

Microsoft accidentally spills the beans on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone logo

Microsoft is still working on software updates for Windows Phone 7 — but the company is also looking ahead to Windows Phone 8. While Microsoft hasn’t had much to say publicly about its next-generation smartphone OS, the folks at PocketNow got a look at a leaked video which spells out an awful lot of details. Paul Thurrott followed up with more details at WinSuperSite. Here… Read more »

WindowBreak: Jailbreak tool for Windows Phone 7


There’s a new jailbreak tool for Windows Phone 7 under development. It’s called WindowBreak and right now you can use it on some Samsung smartphones to enable support for apps that aren’t downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Jaxbot, the developer of the project, hopes to add support for phones from different manufacturers. The tool basically lets you do the same thing you can do… Read more »