Skype for Windows Phone exits beta, won’t run on cheaper phones

Skype for Windows Phone 7

Skype is a voice and video chat app for PC and mobile which lets users make cheap or free calls to other Skype users or telephone numbers. Microsoft bought Skype in 2011, so it’s no surprise that the company was working on a Windows Phone app to join the Skype apps for Android and iOS. Skype for Windows Phone has been available as a public… Read more »

Skype beta for Windows Phone lets you make voice and video calls

Skype for Windows Phone

It’s been almost a year since Microsoft bought Skype, so it’s no surprise that the companies have been working on a Skype voice and video chat for Windows Phone devices. Now the first public beta is available. You can download the app for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace. It lets you make audio or video calls for free over WiFi, 3G, or 4G connections. You… Read more »

Skype acquires group messaging service GroupMe


GroupMe is a group messaging service that lets you create groups from the contacts on your smartphone and start conversations involving everyone in the group. The company offers clients for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 and also works over SMS. Today Skype announced that it’s acquiring GroupMe — which actually means Microsoft is buying GroupMe, since Microsoft acquired Skype recently. Skype offers voice,… Read more »

Google+ for Windows Phone 7 coming soon?

Google is expanding its suite of mobile apps for the Google+ social network. When the service first launched a few weeks ago the company only offered an Android app and a mobile web site. This week an iPhone app hit the iTunes App Store. And now it looks like we’ll see a Windows Phone 7 app next week. The Google+ social network is still in… Read more »

Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 7 Mango’s social networking features

Windows Phone 7 social notifications

Microsoft is set to release the next major update to Windows Phone 7 soon. The update (code-named Mango) will bring a number of new features including support for multitasking, better messaging, an improved user interface for switching between apps, and support for visual voicemail. Another update is tight integration with Twitter and LinkedIn. This week Microsoft released a video showing how the new social features will… Read more »

Windows Phone 7 gets group text via GroupMe ahead of Mango release

Group text messaging is one of the 500 some-odd updates coming to Windows Phone 7 Mango. It’ll arrive inside the updated messaging hub and will even be smart enough to route messages to your contacts via IM when they’re online. But Mango isn’t due for a few months yet, and maybe you want to group message right now. Those who want a heard start can… Read more »

Visual voicemail coming to Windows Phone 7 Mango

Visual Voicemail

Voicemail and answering machines changed the way we use voice communications by allowing people to leave spoken messages in non-real time. But who has the time to listen to all those messages your friends, family, and colleagues leave on your phone? Visual voicemail changed all that by providing text transcripts of spoken messages allowing you to read your voicemail at a glance. Google Voice brings… Read more »

New Windows Phone 7 apps include Angry Birds, Kik Messenger, Gowalla

Angry Birds

A number of top tier apps have finally found their way to Windows Phone 7. This week the popular Angry Birds game flew into the Windows Phone Marketplace, along with mobile check-in app Gowalla, cross-platform messaging service Kik, and cooking app Epicurious. The sudden rush of apps from big-name developers could be a sign that Windows Phone 7 has finally arrived and that developers aren’t… Read more »