Nokia launches Pandora-like free streaming music service in the US

Nokia Music

Nokia is offering a new streaming Nokia Music service in the US, letting Nokia Lumia smartphone users tune into millions of songs for free. But this isn’t a Rdio or Spotify-like service where you can stream any song at any time. Instead, it’s more of a Pandora-like internet radio service which lets you stream playlists to your phone for free. At launch, Nokia offers 150… Read more »

Nokia Play To brings DLNA photo, video streaming to Lumia phones

Nokia Play To

Nokia has released a public beta of a new app called Play To for its Lumia Windows Phone handsets. Play To lets you stream photos and videos to any DLNA-capable device on your home network. DLNA is a protocol for streaming content over a WiFi network, and it’s supported by some recent televisions as well as set-top-boxes such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Windows Media… Read more »

Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone coming soon

Microsoft has announced that it will soon launch a new app for Windows Phone devices that allows users to interact with an Xbox 360 game console using a phone. The new app is called the Xbox Companion App and it will let users search the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for music, movies, TV shows, and games. You can also view more details about the media playing on you… Read more »

OverDrive app brings free library eBook loans to Windows Phone 7

OverDrive provides the platform used by most public libraries to loan eBooks to patrons. The company’s platform works with a number of dedicated eBook Readers including the Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble NOOK line, and OverDrive also offers apps for Android, BalckBerry, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Now you can also add Windows Phone 7 to the list. The folks at OverDrive launched a WP7… Read more »

Microsoft to expand Zune Pass to additional countries

Zune Pass

Microsoft’s Zune Pass service is probably one of the best reasons to get a Windows Phone 7 device or Zune HD media player. While Apple just announced an iTunes in the Cloud service that will let users store their own music collections online and download tracks from any machine, Zune Pass lets subscribers stream millions of songs on-demand over the internet for $14.99 per month…. Read more »

Windows Phone Mango update to bring podcast, music enhancements

media hub in Windows Phone 7 Mango

Microsoft is retooling the Music+Videos Hub for Windows Phone. When the Mango software update rolls out later this year it will bring new tools for managing podcasts, a “Smart DJ” option which creates a playlist based on an individual song, artist or album, and better Marketplace search. The podcast update is long overdue. While you can listen to podcasts on a Windows Phone device you… Read more »

Zune overhauled for Windows Phone Mango update

Microsoft promised there would be at least 500 changes in the Mango update to Windows Phone 7 due out later this year, so it’s not surprising that the company didn’t highlight every last tweak during its press event this week. Now that the developer tools have been released, the folks at anythingbutiphone fired up the Mango emulator and noticed that the new version of the… Read more »

Windows Phone 7.5 to get turn-by-turn directions, speech to text, more

Microsoft has unveiled new details about the next big update for Windows Phone 7. When Windows Phone 7.5 (code-named Mango) is released later this year, it will include new Live Tiles features, better multitasking and an improved web browsing experience. But we already knew that. Now thanks to a podcast interview with Microsoft’s Brandon Watson, we also know that Windows Phone 7.5 will bring: Turn… Read more »