Grooveshark returns to Google Play Store, now with free internet radio


Online music service Grooveshark lets you stream pretty much any song at any time… for free. That’s because, unlike competitors Spotify and Rdio, Grooveshark has a post-music-first, ask-for-permission-later approach. That’s probably why the company faces lawsuits from four major US record labels… and it’s also a large part of the reason Grooveshark’s mobile apps were booted from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store… Read more »

Grooveshark HTML5 app beta streams music to iOS, Android, pretty much anything

Grooveshark HTML5 app

Apple and Google may have kicked the official Grooveshark apps out of their respective app stores, but Grooveshark has found another way onto your mobile device. The company has launched an HTML5 app which runs in a web browser but which feels a lot like a native app. All you have to do is visit in nearly any web browser (desktop or mobile) to… Read more »

Grooveshark music app for Android adds voice search, in-app subscriptions


Streaming music service Grooveshark has launched an updated version of its Android app with a number of new features including support for in-app subscriptions and the ability to save a queue to a playlist. You can also now use Google Voice Search to look for songs. While you can use Grooveshark for free by visiting the site in a desktop web browser, the company’s mobile… Read more »

Grooveshark adds “My Music” to Android app

Grooveshark has updated its Android app with a few bug fixes, faster load times, and a new design. There’s also one major new feature, a My Music section featuring your favorites, playlists, and uploaded tracks. Grooveshark is an online music service that streams millions of songs uploaded by users. The web app is free, but you’ll need to sign up for a premium Grooveshark VIP… Read more »

Mobile App news roundup

HBO’s mobile app is coming soon to Android, Windows Phone 7.5 is on the way, and The History Channel and War Drums Studios launch a new real-time strategy game for Android devices with NVIDIA Tegra chips. Here’s a roundup of news about iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone software from around the web. HBO Go coming to “select” Android phones May 2nd HBO has been working… Read more »

Booted from the Android Market, Grooveshark Mobile now available from

Earlier this month Google removed the Grooveshark Mobile app from the Android Market due to violations of the company’s terms of service. Now you can download the app for free by visiting on your Android phone. Unlike the iPhone version of the app, which can only be run on a jailbroken device now that Apple’s pulled it from the App Store, most Android phones… Read more »

Google pulls Grooveshark app from the Android Market

Grooveshark is an online music service that lets you stream millions of songs instantly through a web browser or mobile device. But the company is having a hard time with its mobile apps. Last year Apple removed the company’s app from the App Store, so the only way to install Grooveshark on an iPhone is to jailbreak your device. Now Google has also removed the… Read more »

MusicShark brings GrooveShark music to Windows Phone 7

Online music service GrooveShark offers mobile apps for Android and jailbroken iOS devices. But there’s no official app for Windows Phone 7 yet. There is, however an unofficial app called MusicShark. MusicShark taps into the GrooveShark service and lets you search for artists or songs to stream to your phone. You can also create playlists by queuing up songs you want to play. There’s currently… Read more »