TeamViewer QuickSupport: Remote control a Samsung phone, tablet from a PC

TeamViewer QuickSupport

There are a number of apps that let you remote control a PC from an Android phone or tablet. But TeamViewer has just released an app that does the opposite: It lets you remote control an Android phone or tablet from a PC. This lets you offer tech support to an Android user on the go or view data remotely. Right now TeamViewer QuickSupport only… Read more »

OnLive Desktop lets you run Windows apps on iPad, Android tablets

OnLive Desktop

Mobile apps that let you remotely control your¬†desktop computer are a dime a dozen. LogMeIn, TeamViewer, GoToMyPC, and Wyse PocketCloud are just a few of the remote desktop apps available for iOS and Android. But OnLive is taking things a step further with OnLive Desktop, by letting you login to a remote Windows computer and run Windows apps without installing anything on your PC or… Read more »

LogMeIn for iOS now lets you remote control a PC for free

LogMeIn iPad app

LogeMeIn’s mobile apps for iOS and Android let you login to a remote computer to run applications, access files, and perform other functions that can make your smartphone or tablet feel like a full-fledged computer. But at $30, LogMeIn is kind of expensive for a mobile app. Now the company has released a free version of its iOS app that offers basic remote desktop functionality…. Read more »

LogMeIn Ignition remote desktop app to improve file transferring

LogMeIn Ignition is a mobile app which lets you remote control a desktop or laptop computer from your phone or tablet. The company added a feature earlier this year that also lets you transfer files from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad — but not the other way around. Now it looks like LogMeIn is getting ready to fix that. TUAW reports… Read more »

TeamViewer remote desktop app hits the Android Market


TeamViewer offers a remote desktop service that lets you control a computer over an internet connection. The company launched an Android app earlier this year which allows you to control a PC from a smartphone or tablet. At the time it was only available from the TeamViewer web site, but now you can download TeamViewer Free from the Android Market. You’ll need to install TeamViewer… Read more »

VMware View app lets you access a virtual Windows desktop on the go

There are plenty of apps that let you remotely access your PC desktop from an iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device. But VMWare’s View client for the iPad is an enterprise solution that lets you access a virtual Windows desktop. Here’s how VMWare’s virtual desktop solution works. Your company sets up a VMware server and you can access it on the go from any computer… Read more »

GoToMyPC now available for the iPad

Citrix has launched an iPad version of GoToMyPC, a remote desktop application that lets you login to your computer and control it on the go. Up until recently you needed a PC to login to a remote PC using the service. but the iPad app lets you do it anywhere you can get an internet connection on an iPad. GoToMyPC is hardly the first app… Read more »

TeamViewer remote desktop app for Android goes gold

TeamViewer is remote desktop service that makes it easy to login to a desktop, Mac, or PC from another internet-connected computer. The company also offers mobile apps and has been beta testing an Android app since November. Today TeamViewer for Android dropped the beta label. You can download the app from the company’s web site. The basic app is free for non-commercial users, but existing… Read more »