Adobe has updated its photo editing application for Android to version 1.1. The updated version of Mobile  adds a number of new effects to the mobile image editor including contrast and brightness controls as well as a series of effects such as “Vibrant,” “Soft Black & White,” and “Warm Vintage.”

The program continues to allow you to crop, straighten, rotate, and flip images as well. Other controls include tint, saturation, and exposure. For some baffling reason, there’s no resize setting though. Mobile 1.1 allows you to edit photos stored on your phone or at your online account. You an also save images to either location, or use the application to set a photo as your Android desktop background. Or if you just hate the default Android photo gallery, you can view your images in a photo slideshow.

Adobe is also now allowing all Android developers to incorporate the photo editor into other applications — something that the iPhone platform doesn’t allow, as Adobe points out in the press release.

via Android Guys

Brad Linder

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