Brizzly is a third party application that makes it easier to interact with your Facebook and Twitter contacts. The company offers a simplified web interface that makes your Twitter and Facebook news feeds look much less cluttered, while expanding shortened URLs so you know wht you’re clicking on. Pictures and videos shared by your friends are also embedded right into your Breezly page so you don’t have to spend as much time clicking on links to follow the conversation.

Today Breezly launched an iPhone app. It doesn’t have any of those cool features. You don’t get any expanded links or embedded images or videos. And it only works with Twitter, not Facebook. But that doesn’t mean Breezly isn’t worth checking out.

First, it’s free — so it’s hard to argue with the price. And it does provide a decent interface for reading and sharing content with Twitter.

You can also manage multiple accounts and use Breezly to upload images from your phone to Breezly or to Flickr. Another neat feature is the “News” tab, which contains a short article explaining trending topics on Twitter.

Brizzly is available for download from the App Store.

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