Doodle Kart is a cute little kart-style racing game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Instead of slick graphics and realistic looking cars, the game features a top-down look at a virtual piece of graph paper with map that looks hand drawn… and which is adorned with obstacles such as pencils, compasses, and other items from geometry class.

The full version of the game costs $0.99 and offers 25 different tracks. But there’s also a free Lite version with just a single track. That should be good enough to give you a taste of how the game works, because there are 5 levels of difficulty plus options to race solo or against the computer, play in portrait or landscape mode, and adjust a number of other settings.

The location of the left and right buttons takes a little getting used to — because while the car’s orientation changes, the button layout does not. This is what happens when you’re playing a top-down, 2D racing game instead of a first person 3D game. But it really only took a few minutes to get used to.

Doodle Kart and Doodle Kart Lite are available for download from the iTunes App Store.

via CNET

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