GateGuru is sort of like Yelp for frequent flyers. It features a list of places to shop, buy food, or get WiFi access, or other services at 85 airports around the US. So if you’re stuck at Gate F and don’t have time to wander around aimlessly before catching your flight in 20 minutes, you can just take out your iPhone, scan for nearby eateries, and make a run for it. The app also features user reviews.

If you want to add a shop or other amenity that’s not listed, you can submit an entry to the GateGuru team.

GateGuru also features Facebook and Twitter integration, allowing you to let your contacts know where you’re at or share your reviews, bookmarks, and other items.

There’s also a “High Flyers” section, where you can find a list of uses who have earned the most points across the nation or just at the current airport. Points are earned as you open the app while you’re near an airport, rate or review amenities, or add or update amenities.

GateGuru is available as a free download from the iTunes App store. According to the GateGuru web site, the goal is to bring it to other mobile platforms in the future.

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