Verizon has finally begun rolling out the Android 2.1 update to Motorola Droid users. And the folks at Android Central and Droid Life have posted two of the first hands-on videos I’ve seen. You can check them both out after the break, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Live (animated) wallpapers
  • Pinch to zoom in the browser and gallery
  • 3D image gallery interface
  • News and weather widget
  • Speech to text in text input areas

All of those features help bring the Droid in line with the Google Nexus One. But there are a few features that are available on the Nexus One that you don’t get with the Droid even with Android 2.1. For instance, you’re still stuck with 3 home screens instead of the 5 you get with the Nexus One. You don’t get the new Clock app. And most noticeably, you don’t get the 3D app launcher.

You can check out the hands-on videos after the break.

Brad Linder

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