While there are plenty of remote control applications for the iPhone that let you control everything from Windows Media Player or Winamp, to a virtual mouse, these apps are a bit less common for the Palm’s WebOS. But one developer has whipped up a WebOS app that lets you control Boxee from a Pre.

Boxee is a media center application available for Mac, Windows, and Linux that lets provides a TV-like viewing experience for web video, internet radio, and media stored on your computer. It looks great if you have a PC (or Boxee Box) plugged into your TV, although you can also use it on a desktop or laptop computer if you just like sitting back from the computer and keyboard to enjoy your media.

Boxee has an official remote control app for the iPhone. But independent developer Alexander Slansky’s remote control is the only app for the Palm Pre at the moment.

NewTeeVee took the app for a spin, and it seems to work reasonably well over a home WiFi network — although they were a bit underwhelmed by the button layout. Still, if you’re a Boxee user and you’re looking for a way to control your media center with a Palm Pre, this free app is pretty much your only option for now.

Boxee Remote for WebOS is available as a free download from the Palm App Catalog.

Brad Linder

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