The Palm Pre is pretty zippy as smartphones go. It can handle multitasking reasonably well while running at 500MHz. But the processor is actually capable of much higher speeds. And two Palm Pre hackers have released custom kernels that you can use to overclock the Palm Pre to run at 720MHz or 800MHz.

A few dozen beta testers have been trying out the custom kernel, so there’s a fairly decent chance your Palm Pre won’t burst into flames the moment you attempt to overclock it. But you’ll probably notice a decrease in battery life. And if you happen to run into problems, don’t expect your warranty to cover the cost of fixing a phone that’s been overclocked to run as much as 300MHz faster than Palm intended.

You can check out a video of an overclocked Palm Pre in action after the break. Hit up the Pre Central forums for more details and instructions on speeding up your handset.

via Engadget

Brad Linder

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