Sure, Microsoft’s next generation mobile operating system won’t be available on devices until later this year… but the company has working prototypes that seem pretty good right now. Video blogger Chris Pirillo got to spends some time with a developer recently, and he got an in-depth look at the new operating system. And you can watch the entire 17 minute hands-on video after the break.

Overall, the user interface bears a more than passing resemblance to the Zune HD UI. But while the Zune HD is primarily designed for multimedia, the Windows Phone 7 Series integrates social networking, gaming (with Xbox Live integration), and other features — including a contact and calendar manager and all the other things you’d expect from a phone. In fact, the calendar app is one of the best looking mobile calendars I’ve seen to date.

Just like Google Android phones feature heavy integration with Google’s online applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Maps, Windows Phone 7 Series features tight integration with Bing and Windows Live.

More details in the video below.

via Just Another Mobile Monday

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