With the Apple iPad set to go on sale this weekend, Apple pushed out iTunes 9.1 last night. The new version of iTunes supports iPad syncing and organizing and synchronizing books downloaded from the new iBooks store. But it did something else too: It broke a popular jailbreak method.

A jailbroken iPhone is able to install software that doesn’t come from the iTunes App Store. And one of the more popular jailbreak methods requires you to plug your phone into your computer and sync with iTunes every time you restart the device. Unfortunately, once iTunes 9.1 was released, Windows users found that they couldn’t sync their jailbroken phones with their PCs.

The problem appears to be that the hack relied on a DLL file which Apple changed for the new version of iTunes, and the developers of the jailbreak utility have come up with a fix, which you can download from their site. Just click the “blackra1n – iTunes 9.1 Fix” link at the top of the page.

via MobileCrunch

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