The Google Android Market may have well over 30,000 apps available for download. But Myriad has come up with a way to significantly boost the number of apps available for Android phones. Earlier this month the company released J2Android, a tool that converts any Java MIDlet into an Android app.

In other words, the thousands of programs designed to run on Java-based cellphones can be converted into native Android applications. J2Android has a couple of nifty features to get around the fact that most Android phones have different physical characteristics than a typical Java phone. For instance, you can add a virtual cellphone keyboard to a converted app if you need the numeric keypad to control it. You can also resize applications to better fit on an Android phone’s display.

Myriad isn’t targeting end users. Instead, J2Android is described as a utility that will let phone makers, wireless carriers, and mobile app stores expand the number of apps available for Android.

You can check out a video of J2Android in action, as well as a couple of converted apps running on an Android smartphone after the break.

via Android Community

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