First Generation Zune HD

Want some of the cool new features of Windows Phone 7 Series, but don’t feel like shelling out the cash for a new phone and a monthly data plan? It looks like you may be able to pick up the equivalent of an iPod Touch. ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft is working on a Zune HD2.

The next-generation Zune HD will reportedly run Windows Phone 7 Series and allow you to run the same third party apps you would get on a smartphone. And that includes games based on the upcoming XNA Game Studio 4.0.

Unfortunately, the original Zune HD will only support XNA Game Studio 3.1, which means it will likely not be able to run all of the apps designed for Windows 7 Phones and the next-generation Zune HD.

This is all a rumor for now, but it’s one that I’m really hoping is true. There’s no word on how much the next-generation Zune HD would cost or what kind of specs it would have.

via Gizmodo

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