Sure, music streaming service Rhapsody plans to let you start downloading songs to your iPhone when you sign up for a $15/month music subscription plan. But MOG wants to offer you essentially the same package for $5 cheaper.

MOG plans to deliver iPhone and Android apps in the next few months that will let you stream any of the 7 million tracks in the company’s music library any time you want.

Free streaming services such as and Pandora operate on more of a radio model, building custom radio stations for you based on your tastes. While that’s great for discovering new music, it kind of stinks if you really want to hear one specific song right now — which is exactly what MOG offers for $10 per month.

That subscription fee covers access to the mobile and web-based version of MOG’s music streaming service — plus the ability to download tracks directly to your phone.

via ReadWriteWeb

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