MortPlayer is one my favorite applications for Windows Mobile. This audio player offers a ton of features including excellent playlist and bookmark managers, an equalizer, multiple shuffle modes, and more customization settings than virtually any other mobile application I’ve ever used. Now the developer is turning his attention to Android, with beta versions of three applications: MortPlayer Music, MortPlayer Audio Books, and MortPlayer Widgets.

The three apps were designed from the ground up, so they’re not nearly as full featured as the Windows Mobile version of MortPlayer. But they still provide decent alternatives to the default Android audio player.

The Audio Book version is excellent for listening to podcasts or audio books, since you can manually create bookmarks or use the auto save feature to restore the most recent position for each track. The Music version of MortPlayer for Android, offers a variety fo play, shuffle, and repeat modes and has car and default themes.

Both versions let you configure the main directory for music. they can read ID3 tags and album art, although I found that some of the album art for my media didn’t show up properly. MortPlayer supports MP3, M4a, 3GP, MIDI, WAV, and OGG Vorbis files. While some Android handsets can handle additional codecs, MortPlayer does not at the moment.

There also widgets you can place on your home screen that let you control media playback or open the full application. You can also use the media playback buttons on supported headsets to control MortPlayer.

Unlike the Windows Mobile version, MortPlayer for Android doesn’t have an equalizer. There’s no support for streaming media, no search function, tag based navigation, or support for playlists. At least not yet.

MortPlayer Music, MortPlayer Audio Books, and MortPlayer Widgets are all available as free downloads from the Android market. Bear in mind, these are all beta applications at the moment, which means there’s no guarantees that every feature will work properly.

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