Wow. So Microsoft really has decided to just copy a half dozen pages out of Apple’s playbook for Windows Phone 7 Series. The latest development? Windows Phone 7 Series won’t support copy and paste functionality at launch — even though it’s something that Windows CE-based PDAs and phones have been doing for the last 10 years. And even though Apple launched the iPhone without copy/paste support but eventually added this much requested feature.

But it’s not just the copy and paste functionality that’s making Windows Phone 7 Series look like a first generation iPhone. Let’s take a look at the list:

Don’t get me wrong. Windows Phone 7 Series looks beautiful, and has some excellent features built in, such as live tiles, integration with Xbox Live, and a much-improved mobile web browser. And Windows Mobile was definitely starting to look stagnant after 10 years with few truly major updates. But it would be nice if the next generation operating system added new features without taking away some that we’ve come to rely on, such as multitasking and copy/paste.

Maybe you’d be better off just installing a Windows Phone 7 Series theme on a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone.

via Engadget

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