A few days ago, a team of hackers showed the world how to overclock a Palm Pre to run at 720MHz or 800MHz. The phone’s processor is normally clocked at 500MHz. And as you’d expect, overclocking the phone seems to make it faster while causing the battery to run down a little more quickly.

In a rather unusual move, Palm has issued a statement on the overclocking patches. It basically comes down to this: You’ll probably void your warranty if you do it, so if you want the best possible performance without risking all the money you spend on your phone, you should probably jsut keep your device up to date with the latest software updates from Palm.

That said, Palm doesn’t actually say that overclocking your phone is likely to cause any damage, and the brave few testers that have been trying out the overclocking patches seem to be having pretty positive experiences so far. Just don’t expect Palm or your wireless carrier to fix the thing if it does break.

via Pre Central

Brad Linder

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