The iTunes App Store is filled with applications that let you control desktop media players from your phone. There are remotes for iTunes, Boxee, VLC, and other apps. And then there’s RemoteX — a single application that functions as a remote for all of those apps, plus 9 more.

RemoteX is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, and requires you to download a small server utility on your PC.

Then you fire up the RemoteX app on your iPhone or iPod touch, connect to your desktop (which should automatically show up in the list of servers), and choose the media player you want to handle. The remote control functions change for each app. For instance, the VLC controller has FullScreen and DVD butons, while the Winamp controller has an Equalizer and Playlist button.

All of the remote controls feature basic playback controls, such as play/pause, fast forward/rewind, and skip.

Here’s the list of applications that RemoteX works with: Windows Media Player 11, Winamp, VLC, KMPlayer, Pot Player, XBMC, GOMPlayer, Media Player Classic Home Cinema, AIMP2, Windows Media Center, and iTunes.

RemoteX is available for download from the App Store in multiple flavors. The full version costs $1.99 and has a few features that appear to be missing from the free RemoteX Lite including the ability to turn off, reboot, or hibernate your PC by pressing a button on your iPhone.

Update: It looks like RemoteX Lite has been discontinued. The full version of RemoteX now costs $1.99. There are also $0.99 versions for controlling single applications such as Windows Media Center, GOM Player, KMPlayer, or XBMC.

I shot a brief video overview of RemoteX Lite in action, which you can check out after the break.

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  1. Ok…that is pretty sweet. I was about to write up a post on my blog about all the options, and this has been one of my pet peeves. Glad someone has seemed to solve it!

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