What do you get if you take a classic 2D side-scrolling platform video game like Super Mario Brothers, replace the plumbers with a familiar looking little green robot (or Android), and adjust the control scheme so it plays well on an Android phone with a trackball and touchscreen? Replica Island, a free, open source game with 40 levels, good graphics, and a decent story.

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Replica Island will run on any device with Android 1.5 o newer, including the G1, myTouch, Droid, and Nexus One.

The game was developed by Chris Pruett, a developer advocate at Google, and Genki Mine, a freelance game developer.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the game. You learn to control the green android by working your way through the introductory levels.

The one problem I’ve run into is that the Nexus One trackball is awfully close to the home and menu buttons — which either take you out of the game or pause the game depending on which you accidentally hit. Fortunately, the game auto-saves every time you exist, making it easy to pick up where you left off.

You can check out a few gameplay videos after the break.

Replica Island is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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