The folks at music subscription service Rhapsody are preparing to submit an updated version of their iPhone app to Apple. The big new feature? The ability to download songs for offline playback. Suddenly the service becomes useful if you’re on a plane, in a subway, or just wanted cut off the wireless networks to save power.

Users will be able to download any of the 9 million songs available in the Rhapsody music library. And you can listen to them as long as you have a valid Rhapsody subscription, which runs $15 per month. You can also continue to use the app to stream music from Rhapsody’s servers if you don’t want to clutter up your iPhone or iPod touch’s internal storage.

It’s worth noting that the new feature isn’t available yet — and Rhapsody will need Apple’s approval to get the new version of the company’s iPhone client into the App Store. And there’s a chance Apple will reject the app since it duplicates some of the features of an Apple utility for the iPhone — namely iTunes.

You can check out a preview video of the new Rhapsody app for iPhone after the break.

via Gizmodo

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