SPIDERSS is a web browser for Google Android that includes built-in RSS reader and integration with Facebook and Twitter for getting the latest updates from your friends — or sharing links to web pages via social networks, email, or SMS.

The browser is still in public beta, and to be honest, it’s kind of overly complicated. For instance, in order to enter a URL, bookmark a page, zoom in or out of a web page, or adjust other settings, you need to hit the Android settings button to bring up the menu. And it doesn’t disappear when you’ve completed an action. You need to hit the settings button again to make the menu go away. While testing the app, I constantly found myself entering a URL to load a web page and then clicking on the screen to scroll only to realize that I couldn’t until I made the menu disappear.

The SPIDERSS browser is based on Webkit and it loads pages reasonably quickly, although the default font is a bit unpleasant. And when you zoom out of a web page, the text becomes completely illegible almost immediately, which makes it a bit tough to navigate.

But if you’re looking for a single app for all your RSS, browsing, and social networking needs, this may be your only choice. Of course, part of the beauty of Google Android is that you can multitask. So it might be easier to just run 2-3 separate apps that you really like and toggle between them as necessary instead of running one beta app that’s still kind of rough around the edges.

via TechCrunch

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