Sure, Palm has dropped Palm OS in favor of the new WebOS mobile operating system used on the company’s latest phones. But PalmO S was one of the first great PDA/smartphone operating systems, and there are thousands of excellent applications available for the platform — even if many of them are starting to look a bit dated.

So what do you do if you’ve left Palm behind and moved onto an iPhone or Windows Mobile or Symbian smartphone, but you still have a few Palm apps you’d like to run? You get an emulator, of course.

StyleTap has been offering Windows Mobile and Symbian software that lets you run Palm OS apps for a while. This week the company finally got around to launching a version for the iPhone. There’s just one catch — it hasn’t been approved by Apple and isn’t available in the App Store.

In order to install StyleTap on an iPhone or iPod touch you’ll need a jailbroken device.

StyleTap for the iPhone supports all iPhone and iPod touch models with v3.x firmware and it supports most most Palm apps written for Palm OS 5.2 and earlier. While the Palm apps will run within the StyleTap emulator, you can copy and paste text and images from Palm applications to your native iPhone apps. The program also supports audio recording and playbck and a virtual memory card for storing data.

A fully licensed copy of StyleTap will set you back $49.95. You can also download a 14-day demo version for free.

For instructions on how to install StyleTap, hit up the StyleTap iPhone page.

via Engadget

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