TeamViewer provides free and commercial applications that let you login to any Windows or Mac desktop from a remote computer. And now there’s a client for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The program works sort of like VNC, Remote Desktop, or LogMeIn. Basically you install TeamViewer on the computer want to be able to access remotely and then fire up the TeamViewer software from another machine to login.

It’s great for logging into your work PC from home, providing tech support for your mom, or performing maintenance on a server remotely. For that last one, you’ll probably want to spend some money on the pro version. But the free version has most of the features of TeamViewer Pro. You just can’t install it on a server operating system and you only get to install it on a single workstation.

The free version of the TeamViewer iPhone apps includes almost all the features in the paid version (which costs $99.99). There’s an on-screen keyboard and gesture support for remotely controlling the mouse cursor on your desktop. You can even simulate a right-click by tapping the screen with two fingers. You can also use familiar iPhone gestures such as pinching to zoom in and out.

TeamViewer for the iPhone lets you remotely reboot a computer and reconnect to it. And the iPhone app automatically decreases the screen resolution of your remote computer to fit more comfortably on your iPhone screen.

You can download the free and paid TeamViewer apps from the iTunes App Store.

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