Microsoft has already stated that no phone currently on the market will be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 Series because they don’t met the hardware requirements. But in the case of the HTC HD2, the only thing that’s missing is a dedicated hardware button or Bing searches. The processor, screen resolution, and pretty much everything else are more than good enough — and now a group of hackers have figured out how to install a pre-release build of Windows Phone 7 Series on the HD2.

Almost everything works at this point, including WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth, but the graphics driver is reportedly sluggish and can cause lag.

There’s no video of the device in action yet, but there are several screenshots, and since the news comes from a trusted source (HTCPedia’s Tom Codon), it seems rather unlikely that this is a hoax. Tom says there should be a beta version available for download soon — assuming he doesn’t hear from a Microsoft lawyer first.

Update: Now with video! You can check out two demo videos after the break.

via Gizmodo and Redmond Pie

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