Yahoo launched two new search apps for the iPhone and iPod touch today. Interestingly, they both rely on Google Maps to some degree, rather than Yahoo Maps. But that’s OK, because in one way or another, each search app is kind of awesome.

The first is the new Yahoo Sketch-a-Search app, which lets you find restaurants in any given area by drawing an outline on the map. You can draw a straight line, a circle, or an Italy-like boot shape and Sketch-a-Search will let you know where you can eat in that area. Tap on any pushpin for more details.

You can also filter your search results by cuisine, mood, and the number of stars the restaurants have received in user reviews.

The second app is a more straightforward search utility. But Yahoo Search for the iPhone doesn’t just provide you with boring looking blue links on a white background. Instead results are presented from high profile sites with iPhone-friendly links. Look up a movie and you’ll likely get results from IMDB, Wikepedia, and movie review sites. If it’s currently in theaters, you’ll also be able to find show times.

Look up a location, and you’ll get a map, among other results.

I’m pretty impressed with both applications. But it’s not like Yahoo! is the first company to launch food or general search apps for the iPhone. The company faces a fair bit of competition in both areas.

Yahoo Search and Sketch-a-Search are both available as free downloads from the iTunes App Store

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